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Steffen Upadek

Head of Digital Events

steffen-upadek-min[1]Be it big or small, plain or grandiose – in the eyes of Steffen Upadek shoes and events have to run well in all kinds of ways and on all kinds of surfaces, plain or bumpy. And this is the reason why he has chosen to stop studying and follow his passion for events and make an apprenticeship to be an event manager.
He is thrilled to see how plans and ideas become realized, how an idea is executed and at the end happy faces prove the planners right. He would love to organize a large sports tournament or a product launch with all trimmings.
His motto in life is:

The richness of life lies in recognizing and experiencing the moment.

– Walter Reisberger
He follows that in every way, loves to discover and walks with open ears and eyes through his life. In his time off he enjoys his sports and discovering anything that is new with his friends.