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Steffen Upadek

Head of Digital Events

Be it big or small, plain or grandiose – in the eyes of Steffen Upadek shoes and events have to run well in all kinds of ways and on all kinds of surfaces, plain or bumpy. And this is the reason why he has chosen to stop studying and follow his passion for events and make an apprenticeship to be an event manager. He is thrilled to see how plan
Whether big or small, simple or extravagant – regardless of whether it’s an event or a shoe that’s meant here – for Steffen Upadek, one thing is clear: whether on rough or smooth paths – it must run smoothly. After completing his training as an event manager at KahnEvents, he took on the responsibility for numerous large projects, such as the annual reception of the IHK zu Kiel with 1200 attendees. He is also a specialist in digital events and has a track record of successfully executed online events. He is thrilled to see how theory is put into practice at events, how well-thought-out ideas become reality, and how satisfaction can be seen on more and more faces. He would love to execute all kinds of events, whether it’s an incentive, event, sports tournament, or product launch. He is an explorer! With the pandemic, he quickly discovered his passion for online events and, in no time, adeptly and confidently took over the back office for clients. He is a specialist in the Hopin platform and remains calm even in stressful moments. Despite his newfound passion for the online event market, his heart still burns for live events, and he is always happy to be on-site from time to time – whether it’s for an incentive, conference, or product launch. Steffen Upadek’s life motto is:
The richness of life lies in recognizing and experiencing the moment.
And that’s exactly what he does, both within and outside the agency, with open eyes and ears. In his free time, he enjoys discovering new things with his friends and regularly participates in sports.