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Nina Geerdts


Nina Ebert already experienced her passion for planning and organizing all kinds of festivities and events at a very young age, and she quickly decided to turn her hobby into a profession by studying tourism and event management.

Because of her great enthusiasm for musicals, she would love to organize an event using elements from musicals or – what a contrast (!) – organize a huge sport event such as a football tournament. As a dedicated Schalke fan, the most impressive live event experience so far was DFB Cup final 2011 in Berlin, where Schalke won 5-0.

But just watching others doing sport  is not enough for her – she loves to play volleyball in her free time.

Her motto in life allows her to face  new challenges again and again with optimism:

Life doesn`t get easier, you just get stronger.

And events are just such challenges that she is passionate about: for her, an event is like buying a new pair of shoes – that makes her simply happy. Because as shoes have different colors, heels and materials, every event is unique. And if the shoe ever pinches in one place, she will certainly find a solution for this.

In her time off she enjoys sports, cooking and relaxing whilst enjoying a good book.