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Nadja Kahn

Managing Director

kahn-nadjaNadja Kahn first got in touch with the event industry during her economic science studies in Munich in 1995. Ever since she has been dedicated to it. Creating events and incentives is not just a job for her but it is actually her calling in life.

A ship is safe when docked in the harbor. But this is not the purpose it was built for.

This is her motto and her mission. She loves to leave the “safe harbor” and find new creative ideas. Of course she is aware of rough seas that might occur on the way… and also she knows that a ship can only be steered well with a team on board that works together… That is why the team of KahnEvents is hull, mast and sail for the founder and CEO of the company.
In her time off Nadja Kahn loves to travel the world. Sometimes she also enjoys to travel in mind with a good book or to find the right tone on the piano.