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Paul Burmeister


What it means to create an event Paul experienced all that already in his school days. Be it sports festival of the whole school or a fund raising – it made Paul so happy to bring people together with all the little bits and bites that had to be done and organized. This is why he wants to wear the „event-shoe“ from top to end meaning from the very first moment of the creation of course enjoy the moment of execution u

ntil the end of that.

A live-event that made a lot of impact on him was the national holiday of the city-state of Singapore. Everybody seemed to be involved and had at least the national flagg hanging from the window. A complete afternoon and evening were dedicated to this big day with fireworks and life performances.

Being a real sports fan, Paul is dreaming of organizing a huge sport event for charity. With his motto in life:

Where there is a will there is a way

he is perfectly fitting into the event industry. To find solutions when things seem to be impossible, that is what makes a really great event.