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Paul Burmeister

Project Mangager

The variety of activities and, above all, the result of an event – namely bringing people together and making them happy, that has always been a trigger for Paul and he really wanted to continue that after completing his traineeship as an event manager at KahnEvents.

Of the events held at KahnEvents, Paul was particularly impressed by the Truck Grand Prix. So many little details that wanted to be considered and yet everything went so smoothly. Paul was also able to participate in various online events.

Obviously Paul changes his shoes often, but he prefers to stay in the shoes of your event from the beginning to the end, so from the moment you have an inquiry, being the creative part and then to see the results on the day of the event

A live event that really impressed Paul was the National Day celebration in Singapore. A full day is designed with shows and fireworks in front of an impressive skyline with a view of the skyscrapers and Marina Bay Sands.

Being a real sports fan, Paul is dreaming of organizing a huge sport event for charity. With his motto in life:

Where there is a will there is a way

he is perfectly fitting into the event industry. To find solutions when things seem to be impossible, that is what makes a really great event – be it online or live!