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Finn Hoffmann


Finn Hoffmann is a real doer. It just brings him joy to tackle any things that need to be done.

He is driven by the joy that can be seen in the faces of the guests. At all events it is important to wear the right „pair of shoes“ or, in other words, to bring together the right top performers for the individual occasion.

And when working on the tasks, Finn Hoffmann wears the running shoes, if you have to go fast, or the wellies, if it comes to „wading“ through difficult tasks.

Finn Hoffmann likes to spend his free time with quick rallies, e.g. at table tennis. With his motto in life:  „The journey is the goal”, no journey is too far for Finn Hoffmann… and after the event is before the event.

He just enjoys organzing events and his dream is to host a big festival one day.