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Lotta Ruby Rickel


Every day has the magic to become a special one!

When she had experienced her first major event – a federally funded performance by John Neumeier’s National Youth Ballet in a church in Ratzeburg – she has been enchanted by the idea of creating events herself and with everything that goes with it to organize.

However, her enthusiasm for events was already „inherited“. Every year for her birthday, she saw a theme come to life in celebrations – from magic to Olympics – with new elaborate birthday celebrations. It inspired her so much that she created her own crime dinner with all the trimmings and still offers it today.

Seeing what has been planned for a long time to come to life is the most beautiful part for Lotta and thus the event show she likes to put on the most.

In her spare time she plays the guitar, sings and reads with great pleasure.

With so much love for music, it’s not surprising that one of her dreams is to one day organize a big and glamorous New Year’s Eve ball where nothing is missing.