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Lena Eschbach

Project Manager

Life begins at the end of your comfortzone. 

 With this motto, Lena Eschbach always navigates through life with full confidence, constantly seeking places that are special and never giving up until she finds those with the most beautiful views. She prefers to wear sneakers because she can conquer any event with them. 

It’s the diversity of work in an event agency that fascinates and excites her. The goal of making people happy pushes her, boundless creativity challenges her, and making an impact beyond the personal sphere is important to her. 

For Lena Eschbach, events abroad are always an exciting challenge. From the initial creative brainstorming to on-site coordination, she is always thrilled to see how the previous work pays off and inspires people. 

Good footgear is essential for mountain climbing. She believes that shoes are necessary for her in reaching great heights in events. In other words, they are the foundation that leads an event to success.