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Ulrike Doelle



Live every day in that way that you can say at the end of the day: I have lived today (Seneca)

This is the motto of Ulrike Doelle and this is exactly what she does with contagious happiness. Exactly this idea of life made her chose the event industry for her business career some 15 years ago, then studying International Tourism Business. She is creative, loves to organize and is a great team-player.
Those events where she can use all these characteristics are her favorite “event-shoes”. In 10 years she organized quite a lot of these creative events from A to Z. One that she remembers most is where 400 guests had a drum session together and played a perfect rhythm although the majority of them has never even touched a drum before.
When off work Ulrike Doelle likes to cook, visit the cinema or a concert, read and one of her favorit activities is to travel.