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Elisabeth Dietrich

Project Manager

Everybody said, it could not work. Then someone came who did not know about that… and did it.

With this motto for life Elisabeth Dietrich lives her life full of confidence. She is convinced, that sometimes trying and doing is the way to discover new ways.

Confident and successful was also one of the most exciting projects in her carrier: the G20 meeting in Hamburg – at its time still in the catering. To be personally greeted by chancelor Angela Merkel and to share the same room with the most important 20 people in the world was really exciting and of course unforgettable.

But it was not going to be her if she wasn’t dreaming of other big challgenges – e.g. an award ceremony with all its glamour and all the different people and their needs. As her hobby is horseback-riding she also dreams of organizing an event including horses, e.g. a race competition.

With KahnEvents her biggest aim is to inspire people and to see how by working in a team and with creative ideas, charme and joy something big is being developed. The fact that she will get to see lots of new venues and destinations in the world is a nice side-effect. And this will help her to create more tailormade events – be it for danceshoes or seven miles boots.